Wednesday, June 9, 2010

About Us


We only teach express courses now (Beginner to Grade 8 in 2 years time than few years time as what conventional music schools do) - fees are from RM 500/month for 1 hour per lesson, 4 hours per month at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. Surcharge of RM 100/month (2 hours per lesson, 2 lessons per month) Or RM 200/month (1 hour per lesson, 4 hours per month) if you require us to travel to your place for lessons. 


Site last updated on Nov 21st 2015

Hi! I'm Sam. Welcome! I'm aided by my friend, Jon in tutoring students. We're located in Taman Taynton View for private lessons, and Taman Shamelin Perkasa for group lessons!
We also go to your house upon request if that's what you rather have as preference!

What's unique about my teaching and Jon's?! We:
  • Customise lessons based on what you want to learn (though we would recommend though not impose paths of learning that you should follow). We do teach also on syllabus of accredited boards that are recognised worldwide if you so wish to. 
  • Prepare you to perform on stage (for those who're more serious about music).
  • Teach you to read notes fluently (again, there are those that're not into this area, so we would skip this entirely for those who fall into the aforementioned category of students), where we'll dwell more into songs-playing and analysing the songs so that students could apply what we teach them onto other songs when they self-learn next time on other songs. (Point is, we teach students to be self-sufficient in the future, and to be independent in furthering their music skills long after they finish their lessons with us)